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After a loved one passes away, deciding how to handle their final affairs can be difficult emotionally. There are numerous alternatives to consider when determining how to celebrate their life and keep their memory alive. Even though cremation is the only service we offer, we are delighted to recommend reputable companies if you need other choices or a wider range of services.

For those looking for a less expensive option than a traditional funeral or burial, we specialize in offering straightforward, affordable cremations. Cremation is chosen for various reasons, from financial concerns to environmental ones. Families have many options with cremation, and they can create various special ultimate disposal strategies. Cremation offers a lot of options that is not possible with a burial, including the ability to keep a loved one's remains in a traditional urn at home, spread ashes at sea, or create a garden in their honor. Additionally, choosing cremation gives a family more time to get together to make final arrangements and hold any memorial ceremonies or other celebrations of the life of their loved one.

In addition to offering cremation services, we also provide a selection of urns. You can choose from a wide range of urn designs and personalization options to discover the ideal memento for honoring your loved one and we would be honored to help.


As a full service funeral home, we are dedicated to providing families with comprehensive funeral services to help them honor and celebrate the lives of their loved ones who have passed away.

We offer a wide range of services, including funeral planning, preparation of the body, visitations, funeral ceremonies, graveside services, and cremation services. Our team can also assist with memorialization options, such as creating personalized tributes, designing custom caskets or urns, and arranging for burial or scattering of ashes. In addition, we provide grief counseling and support services to help families cope with the loss of their loved ones. With our expertise, compassion, and attention to detail, we can guide families through the entire funeral process with sensitivity and care.